About Us

Our History

Classic Fireplaces in Pakistan, have proud to be your home comfort. With the passage of time, Classic Fireplaces introduced new & innovative technology. !

The purpose of Classic Fireplaces is, customer feel comfort in choosing fireplaces for their home. Every product of Classic Fireplaces is beyond compare. Our forefather went England, from there they brought an idea & launched in Pakistan in 1988.Idea that was brought from England includes: Electric Fireplace,Gas Fireplace, Wood Burning Fireplace, Stove & Traditional Fireplace

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We Are Experts in Fireplace Manufacturing !

Classic is a leader in revolutionizing radiant heat gas fireplaces with cutting edge technology and distinctive designs. Classic fireplaces are energy efficient and easy-to-use.

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We Do Great Design For Creative Folks


01. Fireplaces Installation

We’ll come to your house and install your new fireplace for you, making sure it’s fully functional before the job is done

02.Fireplaces Services

If your gas fireplace isn’t flaming like it used to, contact us to get it repaired safely, quickly and at a price you can afford.

03. Fireplace Diagnostics

Sometimes fireplace parts go bad. A general fireplace service consists of diagnosing the problem and correcting it

04. Gas Log Installation

We also sell, service and install gas logs Gas logs come in several sizes to accommodate for whatever size fireplace you may have.